Dream Fuel | Gallery 001

Dream Fuel | Gallery 001 (2021)

A compilation series of various images generated via artificial intelligence &/or machine learning. 

- media generated by machine learning

- audio arranged by Betazoid Kitten Music


Current Status: REMOVED

Reason: Source of images created by Generative AI tool


A collaborative, machine learning-based art website. The app allows users to generate and modify images of faces, landscapes, & paintings, among other categories. More info at artbreeder.com

Special Note: Artbreeder is an online service hosted at a different website. I don't run artbreeder.com: however, I do think their website is worth sharing since it's so inspirational for me on my journey exploring art. 

BabyUgly Studio (2021)

A graphic design & art collaboration group. More info at babyugly.studio


An educational musical entity/band. Its purpose is to explore the realm of music editing software to produce consumable media in various formats. More info at argmyburrito.com/betazoid-kitten-music