LINER NOTES for Driver Mediocre project as of 12/20/2021

Length of footage minus intro/credits, (p=# of participants)20p x 30sec = 10min20p x 1min = 20min <- Gonna go with this option20p x 1.5min = 30min20p x 2min = 40min20p x 2.5min = 50min20p x 3min = 60min

PLATFORM RESTRICTIONSMax upload length for Facebook is 60 minutes

MISC NOTESOriginal length of single track is 4:33Watch x random =1-2minWatch x interested = 3-4min

1. Release Participant Version on Facebook -Highlights group compilations and participant contributions -60min feature max of platform

2. Release Single Version on YouTube -Highlights track and resources used -Favors track availability and release schedule -Length is dictated by track length and featured clips

3. Upload source files to ftp and prep coins for encode -Run test on reader app and generate QR codes for hard links

4. Ship physical gift packages to participants with access to source files -Also send links via email to the same info plus exclusive content

OPTIONAL/CONSIDERINGA. Release Single (participant’s) Version to Facebook -Highlights the individual’s contribution

Pending Tasks & Liner Notes as of March 16, 2022

  • Need to mail remaining Participant Packs once funding is re-established at the end of the month

    • Confirm with Participants who did not fill out mailing address form via Google Sheets to Reconfirm address

    • Message all remaining participants with updated shipping timeframe for remaining packs

  • Upload Participant media into

  • Message Participants about blank NFC chip and re-send URL for audio track downloads